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Gibraltar Historical Association began as a small group with big ideas.


The organization was founded in 1984 by Virginia Kinsey and a group of like-minded, dedicated citizens. The principal goal was the restoration of the Old Town Hall which is located in the harbor area of the town of Fish Creek. After years of disuse, the hall fell in to disrepair and was slated for removal to create a parking lot. The small core of hard-working members of GHA put together two annual fund-raising events and found other ways to raise money.


GHA gained the support of the town board in repairing the town hall after raising money and awareness of the need to restore this historic building. Fund raisers and letter-writing campaigns asked for donations to help preserve the history. The 100 year-old building is once again the center of social and civic gatherings and is a proud example of a successful community project.


This spurred GHA on to many other projects that have helped to collect, record, and educate the citizenry and visitors about the unique peninsula and town in which we live.


The Gibraltar Historical Association has been established to collect, research and preserve objects and archival materials which directly reflect or illustrate Gibraltar Township history; to pass on from person to person, to advance history, and to educate residents and visitors about this history; and to plan the preservation of historical buildings and green space in the community of Fish Creek, Wisconsin. 


President: Barb McKesson

Vice President: Myrv Sommerhalder

Treasurer: David Lea

Director: Laurie Buske

Member At Large: Joni Witalison

Member At Large: Lynn Mercurio 

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