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Reflections of our Past" 
A Step Back in Time

     Embark on a thrilling journey into history as you delve into the life of Asa Thorp, the visionary who erected the first pier between Washington Island and Fort Howard.

     This pier, a beacon of innovation, provided a safe haven for Steamers to refuel cordwood, dramatically accelerating their voyages. This pivotal development in transportation history not only fostered trade but also played a vital role in the burgeoning of tourism in our region.

     Immerse yourself in the allure of our region's primary mode of travel was by water transportation, a catalyst for our tourism boom. In 1870, over 1500 ships plied the Great Lakes, with hundreds making a stop at Asa's new pier for refueling. As passengers disembarked, they were enchanted by Fish Creek's refreshing air and serene beauty.

     The influx of tourists soon filled the rooming houses, and with Wisconsin's population growing almost sevenfold between 1850 and 1900, Fish Creek proudly became the second-oldest tourist town in the state.

     Discover the fascinating history of Fish Creek's first hotels, the pivotal role of water transportation, and the intriguing reasons behind its rise as a popular tourist destination.

The Country Doctor

(Permanent Exhibit)

The Country Doctor

(Permanent Exhibit)

(new exhibit 2025)
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A House in Mourning
(scheduled to return 202)


House in Mourning
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