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Unveiling Victorian weddings, customs, and courtship

Visit our unveiling to share something old, something new, a few things borrowed, and a few things blue. Victorian customs and courtship will open your eyes to the past. Some traditions of our history may even intrigue you. 


Victorian-era dress and gowns adorn the models. At every turn you'll learn about the customs surrounding the festive wedding of the time, influenced in many cases by Queen Victoria herself. For example, three cakes were made for a wedding and the tradition of tying shoes to the back of a newlywed couple's buggy have their roots in the Victorian experience. Remnants of many of these rituals remain in today's celebrations.


Join us to see which of them you recognize.

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The Country Doctor

(Permanent Exhibit)

The Country Doctor

(Permanent Exhibit)

A Glimpse of the Past
(scheduled to return 2024)
Foundation Tea Group

A House in Mourning
(scheduled to return 2025)


House in Mourning
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