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Victorian Wedding

Brides were very superstitious about what day of the week they should marry as evidenced by a popular rhyme of the Victorian-era. 

Marry on Monday for health, Tuesday for wealth,

Wednesday the best day of all,

Thursday for crosses, Friday for losses,
and Saturday for no luck at all.

A Victorian Wedding is the theme for another of the special exhibits shown at the Noble House. Victorian-era dress and gowns adorn the models. At every turn you'll learn about the customs surrounding the festive wedding of the time, influenced in many cases by Queen Victoria herself. For example, three cakes were made for a wedding and the tradition of tying shoes to the back of a newlywed couple's buggy have their roots in the Victorian experience. Remnants of many of these rituals remain in today's celebrations. Join us to see which of them you recognize. 

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