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7:00 p.m.

Old Town Hall.
4176 Maple Street, Fish Creek
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Recollections of the Civil War

August 18, 2022

Sarah Scovell Muraski will take you on a journey to the Civil War as she portrays Carrie McGavock and her recollections of the Battle of Franklin.

Sarah will depict Carrie as the "Widow of the South." Starting with her loss of three children, the Battle of Franklin, and how her home became a refuge from one of the Civil War's bloodiest battles. Battle of Franklin claimed 6,000 confederate troops, six generals, and division commander Patrick Cleburne. The battle engaged 63,000 Civil War soldiers with an equal split between Confederate and Union forces.

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Fifty Years in the Family: How the White Gull Inn has changed (and stayed the same) since 1972

September 22, 2022

Guest speaker Meredith Coulson- Kanter will share the history of how her family came to own the White Gull Inn, and what it was like to grow up at an old inn at the end of Main Street, Fish Creek.

No story of a historic property would be complete without an account of the never-ending restoration needed to keep the buildings in pristine condition while maintaining the illusion that nothing has changed in over a century.

We are eager to hear about the famous Cherry Stuffed French Toast, voted Best Breakfast in America, and the traditional fish boil, started in 1959, making it one of the first commercial fish boils in Door County.

100 Years at the Bayside
September 28th, 2022
2:00-4:00 p.m.

To celebrate the alterations to bring the Bayside back to its original appearance.
Music, old cars, images and more . . . 

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November's Fury, The Storm of 1913

October 20, 2022

Nicknamed the “White Hurricane” the Storm of 1913 was the deadliest and most destructive storm to ever hit the Great Lakes. Join us as we reassemble the pieces that lead to the sinking of 12 ships and commemorate the 250 sailors lost in a storm that savagely raged for days over the waters of the Great lakes.

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